Water is the basic necessity of life used for many purposes. So, recycling water is necessary. Considering this in our mind, we have established an Sewage treatment plant in our Panimalar college with the assistance of our Civil Department faculty. The treated water is utilized properly for watering the plants throughout the campus and also for irrigation purposes!

Working Principle of Sewage Treatment Plant
  • The Sewage water (containing bathroom and kitchen waste) from entire college as well as the hostel buildings are received through the underground pipe lines.
  • It is passed through grid chamber, bar screen chamber and degreasing chamber. In the grid chamber heavy density materials like sand are removed. In the bar screen chamber floating material like leaves are separated. When the Sewage is passed through degreasing tank the floating greasy (Oily substances) materials are scrubbed away from the degreasing tank.
  • Then the Sewage is transferred to collection tank.
  • From the collection tank, Sewage is pumped to Bio reactor (Aeration tank). In the Bio reactor the Sewage is digested by aerobic bacteria using sewage as food materials.
  • The above treated water is passed through the sludge settling tank. From here the sludge is separated and passed to Sludge drying beds. After drying the sludge, it is used as natural organic manure for our gardening.
  • After removing the sludge, the water is collected in a separate collection tank.
  • This water is then pumped to sand filter and activated carbon filter. In the sand filter suspended particles are removed. In the carbon filter, any odour in the treated water is removed.
  • The filtered water is then collected in a sump. From this sump, the water is pumped to the entire college Gardens through over head tank.