Nutrition Lab

The nutrition lab is meant to capacitate the scholar nurses to accumulate adequate knowledge for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application of practice in nursing. The nutrition lab is well ventilated and really much outfitted with essential amenities and advanced equipment for the use of aptitudes in planning of varied therapeutic diets.

The lab is well furnished for the use of varied assortment of cooking methods towards healthy life styles. The main aim is to procured information on nourishment for support of ideal wellbeing and its application for training of sustenance.

 The Nutrition lab is well established with all facilities including gas stoves, refrigerators and microwave,  sort of articles and vessels for the event of skills in preparation of various food items are present. The lab is well facilitated with adoption to Cookery rules and Preservation of nutrients, ingredients to make sure the preparation of palatable food and to work out parity of diet