Adult Health Nursing

The Adult Health Nursing department empowers the students to render holistic nursing care in various health care settings to become competent Nurses. It deals with the courses related to adult health nursing including geriatrics within the framework of the curriculum formulated by the Indian Nursing council. The Department of Adult Health Nursing trains undergraduate, Clinical Specialty students with the advanced teaching methods utilizing global standard simulation based learning, renowned laboratories under the guidance of proficient and experienced teaching personnel, AHA Instructors with adherence to the concepts of   Hands on Care.

The clinical services of the department includes collaborative approach with clinical supervision of student nurses, patient care, and conduction of awareness programs and conferences, clinical administration and research activities. The services are dispensed in various areas of the  hospital that include general Medical Surgical wards, outpatient departments, specialty wards, critical care units, intensive care units and operation theatre, advanced diagnostic and procedural areas.

The activities of Adult Health Nursing Department facilitate and ensure the student nurses to engage in reciprocal relationships, embrace the essence of caring, engendering instances of empathy, and embodying theory in practice towards the development of competent professionals. The department imparts the student nurses to excel and expertise in contemporary nursing towards the world of wellness.

Our Faculty

Dr. Savithri.K.B


Mrs. Pappu B

Assistant Professor

Ms. Malathi D


Mrs. Priya M


Mrs. Sulochana I


Ms. Kaviya B


Mr. Praveen Kumar


Ms. Jothimeena B