College Hostel

The campus life at Panimalar is wholesome, easy and fun filled. It provides the students a judicious mix of education and enjoyment. The Panimalar campus offers to both the day scholars and those who stay in hostel a complete suite of facilities that are very self sufficient. Thus the student has absolutely no need to step out of the college premises for anything.


  • Students must occupy rooms allotted to them only. They are not allowed to change rooms without written permission of the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden. 
  • No student should stay away from his/ her room during night.Student who wish to leave the campus, should obtain the permission of the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden in written before 24 hours. The application must state, the date and time of his /her intended departure are to be entered in the movement register in the hostel. 
  • The Chief Warden / Deputy Wardencan break open the rooms to enter and inspect in the interests of safety and proper conduct of the students. 
  • Visitors / Day scholars are strictly not permitted to enter the hostel rooms.
  • The room should be kept locked whenever the students go out of the room.
  • The students are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuables in the room. The students are responsible for his/her belongings inside the room. The management will not be responsible for any theft and pilferage.
  • Disciplinary action will be initiated in case of any damage to the hostel property will be charged to the occupants of the room/block with a fine.
  • Cooking in hostel rooms is not permitted.
  • All instructions /notices displayed on notice boards in the hostels will be deemed to have been read by all residents and excuses for non- compliance will not be accepted.
  • Substance abuse, consumption of alcohol and smoking / chewing tobacco and related products is strictly banned in the hostels and in the college campus.
  • Playing of loud music or disturbing fellow hostel inmates will not be permitted. Use earphone while listening to music. Playing outdoor games inside the hostel / corridors is not permitted.
  • Partying in the room / corridors or anywhere in the hostel will not be permitted whatever be the occasion may so. Residents must not go to another student’s room and disturb the inmates. Complaints from other residents will be investigated and action will be taken accordingly.
  • Fire Hazards and Safety : Candles and incense are a fire hazard and are not permitted in the hostels. Combustible materials such as gasoline, Paint thinner and Oil lamps are not permitted as well. Bursting crackers, Carrying crackers in the rooms and lighting of lamps / candles are strictly prohibited in and around the hostel premises.
  • Residents must switch off all lights, fans and other electrical appliances before leaving their rooms. This is necessary to avoid in advertent fire.
  • All hostel inmates must report any disciplinary matter of problems concerning them or their room-mates / neighbor coming to their notice to the Deputy Warden / Chief Warden through Supervisors or directly. In case the room-mate is absent from the room or feeling sick or facing any kind of physician / mental trouble or is indulging in any bad practices the same must be immediately brought to the notice of the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden.
  • Televisions are not permitted in the hostel rooms. Television is provided in the common TV rooms in every hostel.
  • The students should leave the hostel campus during college hours.
  • The hostel rooms should be maintained neat and clean.
  • The students are not allowed to go to other room after 11.00PM and they should sleep only in their respective room allotted for them.
  • Only Parents / Guardians, who have their photos pasted in the visitors pass, are allowed to meet their wards.
  • If Parents want to meet their wards during week days, they should get prior permission from the Chief Warden’s office only, and then they can meet their wards up to 6.00PM.
  • Students are not allowed to go out during working days, For Holidays they have to get prior permission from Deputy Warden / Chief Warden.
  • The amount paid to the Hostel is non-refundable after admission.
  • The admission for the college hostel is subjected to first come first serve basis.
  • Outside foods are strictly not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to use Mobile Phones in College Campus.
  • In case of any violation in the hostel rules & regulation, the student will be expelled from the Hostel and appropriate action will be taken.