1. Behave in a dignified and courteous manner within the premises of the institution with due respect to teachers, seniors and fellow                    colleagues.
2. Speak politely with empathy and respect to patients and their attendants.
3. Students should refrain from using abusive language at all times. Swarming, bullying, intimidating, harassing of
    staff or students will attract immediate disciplinary action.
4. Ragging in any form is considered as a strict punishable offence.
5. Students should wear their ID card at all times within the college and hospital premises.
6. Dress code: Only Institution prescribed uniform, clean & neatly pressed should be worn
Boys: Neat haircut with clean shaven appearance
Girls: Neatly tied hair is must. Flowers, noisy anklets & free hair not allowed.
7. Students must participate in all academic & research activities, guest lectures and other educational programs organized by the institute        and maintain discipline during all these activities.
8. Students should attend the lectures punctually. Entering or leaving the class during the lecture is not allowed.
    Students should demonstrate respect to the teachers inside and outside the lecture hall.
9. Hostellers should not bring mobile phones to college. Day scholars should hand over their mobile phones in the college reception while          entering and collect them only when leaving the college. Mobile phones should not be used inside the hospital and college. In case of              emergencies parents can contact their wards through the college office.
10. All properties belonging to the institute should be used with care and students should refrain from damaging the properties by scribbling        on the desks &walls, breaking the furniture etc.,
11. Coming to college in own vehicles is discouraged. Considering the safety of students, coming to college in two wheelers is not                           permitted.  Cars used by students should be parked in the allotted parking space and should not be used for travelling within the                       premises. Rash/ negligent driving is not allowed and may lead to confiscation of vehicle.
12. Students are encouraged to convey their grievances/ suggestions to the management through proper channel.
The mentor/ teacher should be the first point of contact. However, in case of emergencies the class coordinator /
Vice Principal / principal may be contacted.
13. Possession/ consumption of narcotics, tobacco & alcohol within the institutional premises will be viewed very
seriously with immediate disciplinary action.
14. College is not responsible for behaviour of the students outside the institutional premises.
15. Students should spend their leisure time either in library/ reading room or at the sports arena. Wandering in
the college campus & unnecessary groupings in lecture hall after college hours should be avoided.
16. A minimum attendance percentage as per institution/ university guidelines in theory and practical classes is
mandatory for uptaking of exams at the end of the year. Students with unauthorized absence will not be permitted
to take up the university examinations.
17. Attending internal assessment exams is mandatory. Unauthorized absence will not be accepted.
18. Students are prohibited from adopting fraudulent activities in the form of copying, using cheat sheets, mobiles
or any transmitting devices during the examination. Strict invigilation/ flying squads and CCTV will be used for
monitoring students. Students caught indulging in these activities will be dealt with as per university guidelines.
19. Leave can be availed by students only with prior sanction from concerned class coordinator, Vice Principal &
principal. In inevitable situations where prior permission is not possible, information should be conveyed to the
respective class coordinator as early as possible and leave application should be submitted on returning.
20. Students should not undertake any independent educational/ recreational tours without permission and
approval of college authorities.