Child Health Nursing Department

The department of Child Health Nursing provides courses related to child health nursing within the framework of the curriculum of the Indian Nursing council (INC). Child health nursing department focuses on providing nursing care to the children, both normal and sick. It also helps the student nurses to identify the growth and development of the children according to their age group and makes each one of them to find out the abnormalities. The education will help the students to provide holistic care to the child.

The department provides student-centered teaching and learning in conducive atmosphere that helps the student nurses to realize confidence in their nursing knowledge and skills. The department cares with training the students  in developing the knowledge and skills required to reply to health care needs of infants and adolescents  and their family during various  settings. Importance is given to the evidence based practice and safeguarding the health of the child and the family. The department offers the students to spot the requirements of children and provide comprehensive care.

Our Faculty

Punithavathi I


Mrs. Devika E

Associate Professor

Mrs. K.A. Florence Nightingale

Assistant Professor

Ms. Martina Suzan K

Assistant Professor

Ms. Pavithra Selvi T